The sun, Only Fools Believe…


We once believed in the sun, believed it to be devine. A god, if you will. But it was foolish to believe in the sun, to worship the sun.

Though it’s ancient presence brings comfort and peace to those who seek the warmth of its glow.

To our world, it brings life.

Hope seems to live within its light, reminding us that each morning begins a new day.

It’s glorious rise bringing illumination to our path, as evil withdraws to the shadows, hiding until darkness returns.

And those without vision can easily feel it’s presence. Those who believe in nothing, need only step outside.

On cloudy days, we long for it’s return. Our soul withers without it’s fiery glow.

To believe in the sun’s rise, requires very little faith. The sun asks us for nothing, requires nothing and desires nothing. It is beyond mans’ control, influence and will. It does not bargain, forgive and cannot be bought; it simply exists; simply.

But we do not “believe” in the sun. We “believe” in what we cannot see, touch or physically feel. We believe in the words and writings of man. We believe in faith, in God, The Son, and a promise that if we continue to believe and if we obey, we will go the heaven and look down upon the sun.

We once believed in the sun. But that was too simple.





Forced to Feel Human

Forced to Feel Human

She seeks my eye, I am human but for a brief moment; her eyes force me to feel again, to feel her presence, I see her, staring, searching, hoping

Judging not, her eyes reveal her sorrowful past, anguished, no words spoken

Desperate, a homeless wanderer; The ache of her soul frightens me. She turns away; I disconnect, the moment fades, I am free to forget, to move on, to withdraw



Constantine and the Priests

This story is old, yet few know the tale, of the divinity of Christ and the day it began.

Read to the end and surprised you may be for few know the way in which it all came to be.


The Emperor heard stories, of a prophet long gone, his followers still present, and their numbers quite strong.

He summoned the priests for he was curious to see, who still followed this man from Nazareth and Galilee.

An audience was had, and the Emperor did learn that the priests of this man, were cause for concern. The Emperor, a pagan, many gods he believed, but these priests followed one, which they divided into three.

The priests warned the Emperor, the Roman, Constantine, that he must no longer be a pagan, and get baptized in the sea.

Constantine was no fool and the future you see, included these priests and what they believed it to be. But the religions were many and what each chose to believe, he left to the citizen, to decide how to be.

The priests were not pleased, only one God need there be. All symbols of others must be thrown in the sea. All people must change, for our numbers are great, or your rule as the Emperor, will suffer ill fate.

Constantine listened carefully, as great Emperor’s do, and saw the advantage in one religion over two. He could control these priests and watch what they do, while they keep the people in line, for fear of heavenly ruin.

A gathering was needed, and he called all to meet, in a city called Nicaea, which is down near the sea.

He invited all religions, to come seek accord, to agree on one thing; the one written word.

Gathered here by one, a mighty Emperor was he, but the priests took control and said now what will be. They spoke of one book, one religion to be, and of one God who was also divided into three. They warned all the others of heresy and hate, for they must now all agree on the rules of their new faith.

A Prophet no more, his divinity now known, Jesus and the trinity; Father, Son, Holy Ghost. The day he arose, now holy indeed, the date of his birth, now celebrated with glee. Sixty-six writings, now law, for those who believe, and hell and damnation for all who don’t agree.

He must protect pagan souls, from hell’s fury you see, by converting his religion to what the priests say it shall be. His motives not pure, but for the greater need, no longer a pagan was Constantine thought to be.

With his kingdom at risk and not a god to be seen, pragmatic he was and must continue to be. The Emperor agreed and many suffered that day, for if they differed in belief, they were then driven away.

Heresy was charged upon those godless few, who offered their thoughts about different religious views.

To the hills they did flee, the “heretics” en mass, all those who disagreed, with the priests decided path.

Their writings erased, but their faith still intact, they were forced deep in the caves, where they hid from the past. Their future now sealed, they wrote in the dark and buried their writings in large clay covered pots.

The priests were quite pleased, and all formed a pact, they would spread to world, this new religion as fact. All people would follow or suffer their fate as their prophet became the son of God, on that very date.

Constantine won the battle, though the priests couldn’t see, thought to be Christian, but a pagan remained he. His throne remained strong, and he did as he pleased, for he reined in those priests, a truly difficult task, indeed.


Choice; It’s a Real Mixed Bag.

Look at your feet. Make a quick mental note of where you are at this minute. Where you are, didn’t happen by accident, your choices led you there.

We make left and right turns all day long, we go, stop whatever. Yet somehow, you made it to your present spot.

It is a miracle that we made it this far in life. Can you imagine the impact of running a redlight verses stopping. It changes everything. You will now arrive at a different time, pass different cars, perhaps come in contact with a person you were or were not meant to meet.

Our whole lives have been about choice. The next time you are thinking of turning left, go right and you have effectively changed your future.

Is it chance, choice or maybe, destiny? The guy, standing in the exact spot where lightning strikes. Had he just turned left, instead of right earlier that day, he probably wouldn’t have been standing where he was at that exact time. It could be karma for all I know.

About the only thing that I am sure of, is that I’m not sure how I made it this far.

Left, right, run the light? I would hide under the bed, except that action, would surely change everything; At least I think so…I’m not really sure! Ugh!

The Man who would be King

He did it again; such incredible hubris! I’m watching the evening news; the arrogance! How did we get here? I’ve never seen this before…but wait, I have; I’ve read about this in history books.

I voted for him; we needed “a change”. I hear those words echoing, aching painfully throughout our world’s history; Out with the old, in with the new.

Suddenly, I realize that it isn’t a mystery as to why we are where we are politically today . We are exactly where we are supposed to be, exactly. The pendulum swings again. The infamous don’t create the events, the events unleash the infamous.

History is full of people who became infamous by filling the vacuum created by the events of the times in which they lived. We praise or blame the person for their deeds, but seem to remain mystified at how they came to be. We then fail to accept that we, the people, created the perfect environment for them to flourish; and they usually do. General George Patton, a brilliant military tactician during World War II, lamented that the war would soon end and with it, his purpose.  It was “his time” and he felt that destiny had made him for that specific event. Ronald Reagan was the right person at the right time in America and he excelled. Was he a great person or was he the “right” person for the time or both? I doubt that Adolf Hitler would have had his “rise to infamy” at any other time in history, had the after-effects of world war I not fomented the perfect environment for his existence. He didn’t create the world in which he lived, but he certainly “excelled”, tragically, within it.

I belive society creates the dilemma, adds a degree of desperation and then grinds to a stop. It is here that we, at our weakest, create the environment that unleashes those who are waiting for infamy, and grants them essentially “free reign”. We then seem baffled by their behavior but unable to contain them. History records the results. And with the assistance of the media, a Cult of Personality emerges.

Is it “cause and effect” or the flawed fallacy of “Post hoc ergo propter hoc” (Latin: “after this, therefore because of this”)? In other words, A+B=C. This may be loosely true.  We may have “created” the “present” by our past actions. Think about the last X years; political gridlock, very little momentum and a feeling of insincerity and disconnect by the people towards the politicians. For whatever reason, we seemed to stall; enter, Donald Trump, the anti-politician and well, here we are.

I am haunted by the words of George Santayana; “those who do not remember the past, are doomed to repeat it”.

To be clear, it is not my intention, in any way, to suggest that George Patton, Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler share any similarities, other than they each possess(ed) a position of great influence over the lives of the people they represent(ed) and they each emerged at the exact time in history when their “talents” were a perfect match to the environment they occupied.

I believe President Trump exists not only because he was elected, but because we also created the ideal environment for him to thrive. The vacuum is filled by those who are the most capable. Those who, left unchecked, would be king. We, the people, created the environment for him to flourish and he is doing exactly what he was meant to do. Good or bad, it is now his time and place in history.

In the end, history judges us all. Who will be our next villain, savior or king? The answer lies within the problems that we (humanity) create and who among us waits, undiscovered, to release their full potential and claim their place in history, be it good, bad or indifferent; unfortunately though, we usually “reap what we sow”.