Forced to Feel Human

She seeks my eye, I am human but for a brief moment; her eyes force me to feel again, to feel her presence, I see her, staring, searching, hoping Judging not, her eyes reveal her sorrowful past, anguished, no words spoken Desperate, a homeless wanderer; The ache of her soul frightens me. She turns away; […]

Constantine and the Priests

This story is old, yet few know the tale, of the divinity of Christ and the day it began. Read to the end and surprised you may be for few know the way in which it all came to be. **************************************************************** The Emperor heard stories, of a prophet long gone, his followers still present, and their […]

Choice; It’s a Real Mixed Bag.

Look at your feet. Make a quick mental note of where you are at this minute. Where you are, didn’t happen by accident, your choices led you there. We make left and right turns all day long, we go, stop whatever. Yet somehow, you made it to your present spot. It is a miracle that […]