It’s “Time” to fit in

America was once a Melting Pot
A stew of many lands
The contents many, but individual
The world reflected in a pan

This Pot contained the customs
Of each culture and it’s beliefs
But no matter how hard you stirred it
The Pots’ ingredients refused to mix

Each person seemed a foreigner
Yet together in this American land
Afraid to accept the culture
Of the person, living right next to them

Even I felt like a foreigner
Though here I was born and raised
So many different cultures
All struggling to find a place

The Melting Pot began boiling
As Time had lost all patience, at Humanities refusal to bend
So Time stepped in with a blender
And then poured the Pots’ contents in

What was once a Pot of colors
Of stubborn people who won’t mix in
Is now a stirred up mixture, of
One beautiful color, living harmoniously, in a pan.
Now no one seems a foreigner, no excuse to not fit in, for we all can exist equally, in this Melting Pot of this land.

The Mountain is Not The Problem.

A River comes upon a Mountain. Either go over, through or around me; As a Mountain I do not care. The River cares not either, and continues on it way.

The Wind blows through a valley and comes upon a Mountain. Either go over, through or around me; As a Mountain I do not care. The Wind, like the River doesn’t care either, and continues on it’s way.

A Tiger comes upon a Mountain. Either go over, through or around me; As a Mountain I do not care. The Tiger then hurries up the Mountain, as great prey may be hidden there.

A Man comes upon a Mountain. Either go over, through or around me; As a Mountain I do not care. The Man, who sees the mountain as an obstacle, stops, and then ponders the unfairness of life, for the mountain has become a problem that is now blocking his path.

The Mountain watches with amusement, this man who curses the Mountain, complaining loudly, unwilling to yield his way.

While nearby, the Tiger watches patiently, for she knows she will eat quite well, later this very day.

Only Man sees the Mountain as an obstacle, a problem in his way. In Life, either go over, through or around; As the Mountain does not care.

 Man IS his very own obstacle, making excuses, while demanding that life must be fair. But the Brave embrace the Mountain, and are thankful it is there.

Even The Soul Needs Sunshine 🌞

The soul of a man awoke in a rage, so angry at the clouds and the way they behaved.

They refused to yield warmth or share any light, and would steal slowly from this Muse, many joys of this life.

His human charge toiled, from morning to night, completely unaware of this internal fight. Born to this land, he knew of no other and held no grudges for the behavior of the weather.

The soul then prayed, to Zeus on high, for permission to leave and escape from this life, to again feel the sun and basque in its rays, to be free of this cold and earthly place.

Zeus pondered the query, quite sadly surprised. Your question unkind and I hope you’re not proud, for without you he’d perish and be buried deep in the ground; all this because you don’t like the way, that the clouds block the sun, many times each day.

Then leave him behind, with spite the soul cried out, as the man could care less if we ever see light.

I’m bored with this charge, please find a new muse, perhaps one who’s more patient in this cloud filled world. I could then be free of this earthly bond, and live here on Olympus of which I’m quite fond.

In fury Zeus rose, for he was not amused. You two are as one, so this man, you won’t lose! And to the awful question that you foolishly pose; Without hesitation, my answer is no!

A respite you want, maybe the sea you would choose, but life is not easy for a heavenly muse. He is your charge and that’s what’s to be, you will not come to Olympus and you will not live near me!

Zeus stormed away, his lightning in hand. Who is this soul who would make such a demand! He paused for a moment, as his anger abates and returns to the soul, who kneeling, still waits. He whispers the following and then walks away, for his patience is waning and he has many to see, later today.

The soul, now ashamed, repeats what he’s heard, “Do council him wisely and teach him what’s right, for only together will you find the true path to light.” The soul then returns to suffer his fate, finding his charge, fast asleep on a cold cloudy night.


Democrat or Republican; We Should “Listen” to the Writings of Aaron Sorkin

Aaron Sorkin, a great American writer, producer and actor, offers a few provoking thoughts that we should all reflect upon. I feel that we have lost our way with regard to politics, and are desperately in need of a compass. Here are two “clips” from his writings.

“America isn’t easy. America is advanced citizenship. You gotta want it bad, ’cause it’s gonna put up a fight. It’s gonna say “You want free speech? Let’s see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who’s standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours”.

I read this as having simple respect for those whose opinion is different than our own. Politics brings out great passion in us and alternatively, bitter frustration when our opinions are dismissed. The ability to compromise seems all but lost, sadly.

And lastly,
“I’m the President of the United States, not the President of the people who agree with me”.

Bill Clinton was my President as was Bush, Obama and today, Donald Trump. I lean towards Republican regarding fiscal issues and towards Democrat on social issues. I may not like the one who holds the office, but I do respect the Office. Would you want to be President? Could you please everybody? Being President of the United States used to be considered one of the highest achievements that we could ever aspire to reach. Today, not so much. Simple respect, if not for the person, then do it for what the position was intended to be: the Protector of all that we Americans hold dear; Human Dignity, Personal Liberty and the Freedom of Choice, especially every two and four years.


Yielding To Love; The Battle Within

 Of dreaded fear, I desperately struggle in trusting my timid heart not to betray, when asked to have faith in the greatest of joys, that is love.

For you must have faith to trust that your heart will recognize it’s true soulmate, even amidst the chaos, and not wander aimlessly in the dark forest of fear and insecurity.

But you must first yield to your heart, assuaging trust, having faith that true love exists, though always to remain unseen.

Those who dame fortune has smiled upon, must then trust in the faith of another, to be tender with their willing, yet fragile heart.

Hoping that having faith in your heart, at loving the one you most desire, builds trust in that sacred virtue, which can always be felt but never touched.

For in the end, the heart must possess the faith to trust in what remains unseen, as a faithless heart will never trust in that which it cannot visually see or physically grasp.

As such are the mysteries of faith and trust in matters of the heart.