It’s “Time” to fit in

America was once a Melting Pot A stew of many lands The contents many, but individual The world reflected in a pan This Pot contained the customs Of each culture and it’s beliefs But no matter how hard you stirred it The Pots’ ingredients refused to mix Each person seemed a foreigner Yet together in […]

Even The Soul Needs Sunshine 🌞

The soul of a man awoke in a rage, so angry at the clouds and the way they behaved. They refused to yield warmth or share any light, and would steal slowly from this Muse, many joys of this life. His human charge toiled, from morning to night, completely unaware of this internal fight. Born […]

Democrat or Republican; We Should “Listen” to the Writings of Aaron Sorkin

Aaron Sorkin, a great American writer, producer and actor, offers a few provoking thoughts that we should all reflect upon. I feel that we have lost our way with regard to politics, and are desperately in need of a compass. Here are two “clips” from his writings. “America isn’t easy. America is advanced citizenship. You […]

Yielding To Love; The Battle Within

 Of dreaded fear, I desperately struggle in trusting my timid heart not to betray, when asked to have faith in the greatest of joys, that is love. For you must have faith to trust that your heart will recognize it’s true soulmate, even amidst the chaos, and not wander aimlessly in the dark forest of […]