Some people really need to be beaten…

I sell pocket watches on eBay and have elected to allow potential buyers the opportunity to make offers on watches that appeal to them. One of the watches was priced at $250.00 and I received an offer from someone for $40.00. Shaking my head, I’m thinking, “gawd, it’s another one of ‘them” I send a […]

Where Have I Been? Finishing the 2nd Book! A Year of the Sunflowermuse! It’s available from Amazon in Paperback or eBook.

A Year of The Sunflower Muse: The Thoughts and Musings of a Curious Fool (TheSunflowerMuse.Com Book 1) by Michael McCown Kindle Edition $9.99    Traveling Zen; finding Peace in the Details: The path to Great Travel isn’t found in a Guidebook, it’s Found in the Lessons of Those who Have gone Before. by Michael McCown […]