Yielding To Love; The Battle Within

 Of dreaded fear, I desperately struggle in trusting my timid heart not to betray, when asked to have faith in the greatest of joys, that is love.

For you must have faith to trust that your heart will recognize it’s true soulmate, even amidst the chaos, and not wander aimlessly in the dark forest of fear and insecurity.

But you must first yield to your heart, assuaging trust, having faith that true love exists, though always to remain unseen.

Those who dame fortune has smiled upon, must then trust in the faith of another, to be tender with their willing, yet fragile heart.

Hoping that having faith in your heart, at loving the one you most desire, builds trust in that sacred virtue, which can always be felt but never touched.

For in the end, the heart must possess the faith to trust in what remains unseen, as a faithless heart will never trust in that which it cannot visually see or physically grasp.

As such are the mysteries of faith and trust in matters of the heart.


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