From within the silent waters, the Sea beckons home

Staring into the churning abyss, the sailor fell to his knees, defeated by the raging waters of the sea. He layed down upon the wooden deck of his beloved, holding her close; hope waning, as wave after wave of the dreaded Nor’easter crashed mercilessly over her valiant rails.

Fiercely, she fought back against the towering waves, desperate to ward off it’s dark green waters, so eager to claim her. She must protect the sailor, who once saved her from the savage effects of time, earning her eternal love, from the fate that awaits all ships who dare leave the safety of the protected harbor.

The sailor had brought her from the bitter edge of ruin, finding deep within her hull, a fragile yet beating heart. He had searched where all others had failed and with tender care, returned her to the soothing waters. She became the sailor’s every passion and together they sailed the world’s oceans, making love to the sea, as the stars of the heavens guided their way.

But all is lost, for neither possessed the strength to fight the great sea further. Together in the end, finding passions’ last embrace; the ship and her beloved yield to the sea, who draws them inward, away from the land where the sun’s light warms the sails and the sailor, both now destined to remain in the peaceful depths of Neptune’s watery realm, where lives the souls of those, who born under the sign of water, return home once again.

M.S. McCown


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